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Brighton Tree Felling Centurion offers boomsloping Centurion , tree felling services for professional tree removal Pretoria, tree stump , & tree felling. Tree‘s certified hedge & tree removal services and pruning company has a very affordable service in residential and commercial cutting .

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Also provides services such as garden recovery, boomsloping, instant lawn. Although it is preferred to save trees when possible, there are times when tree cutting is necessary. We can dismantle and remove a tree in a very timely fashion using the latest and tree felling techniques. Boomsloping Centurion also we can remove a tree with reasonable prices; tree felling Pretoria prices are the best. Tree Felling is very dangerous and a delicate job.

Tree Felling Centurion | Boomsloping Centurion

Boomsloping Centurion

Boomsloping Centurion

We are a professional company. We are more than happy to give you a free no obligations quote. If you do not know how to solve your problem, we will always advice you on the best and most affordable way how to do tree felling. Brighton Tree felling services are very available to all and corporate clients and municipalities too. No matter how big or small the tree felling job is we can only give you 100% workmanship and service.

Our staff is the best at what they do and they are fully trained and experts in handling every tree felling situation. All activities fully insured for ever risk that is involved. Our company specializes in all kinds of tree felling and approach each job is a professional job and in a safe and faster manner.

Tree Removal/Pruning 

Tree Felling Centurion

Tree Felling Centurion

If you have been a little over-zealous with the chainsaw and find yourself with a pile of wood and foliage that need to be dealt with, call us. They ask that you please stack it nicely and leave all that dirt and inorganic waste to the side for the skip. We offer a number of pruning options which enhance your tree and will be better for the tree’s health in the long run. Talk to us about other tree trimming/pruning services such as:

  • Removal of deadwood
  • Centurion tree felling
  • Canopy reduction
  • Branch weight reduction
  • Formative pruning
  • Boomsloping Centurion
  • Crown renewal
  • Canopy lifting
  • Increase fruit yield
  • Palm pruning Centurion

Tree Felling Centurion

Boomsloping Centurion | Tree Felling Technique for Smaller Trees

For small trees, it is least demanding to saw the tree, you just need to start felling cut straight from behind. In the event that you don’t have much experience of tree felling Centurion , this is the least demanding strategy to utilize. Saw with a pulling chain (base of the bar) in the event that you are unpractised, this is somewhat less demanding in light of the fact that the saw is not pushed against you. Else it is faster to saw with a pushing chain since you can stay similarly situated as you were for the directional indent. It is essential that the tree felling slice is sawn parallel to the directional indent so that the pivot is similarly thick.

For small trees, it is hard to utilize a breaking bar or felling wedge. On the off chance that the tree inclines a bit, the aide bar will squeeze, yet utilizing your hand against the storage compartment or a shaft with spikes you can typically push the tree advances. In the event that you have 4–5 meters in length post with spikes, you will have the capacity to push forward rather tail-overwhelming trees by hand. You can likewise utilize this technique on thick trees if the tree does not incline in reverse or there are antagonistic winds. In the event that there is a danger that the tree will fall in reverse and is too overwhelming to be pushed advances, you ought to utilize the tree felling instruments. Saw until you can fit a wedge or softening bar up the saw cut. When you begin to achieve the last thickness of the pivot, be mindful so as to guarantee the pivot has an even thickness.

For trees that incline vigorously advances, the danger of harm from the wood part increments in the event that you saw the felling cut from behind. In the event that conceivable make a drag and saw in reverse for trees.



Tree Removal Pretoria | Boom sloping 

Tree removal is one of boom sloping Centurion’ core services. If you have got an awkward or huge tree to remove, no problem, their qualified and experienced staff can remove your tree (including palms removal Centurion), big or small safely and efficiently. Boom sloping Centurion are experienced in the use of the latest rigging equipment, can tackle even the most complex jobs.

Tree Reports/Consulting 

If you’re worried about the health of your tree, call boom sloping Centurion to come and perform an arboricultural assessment of your tree/s. They also provide inspection and reports required for Resource Consent in Gauteng, dispute resolution or just simply peace of mind. They will do a thorough assessment, taking into consideration factors such as tree age, size, species, condition, location, use of surrounding area, nearby constructions. Tree Felling Centurion also does site monitoring for works within the drip line of your trees.

Hedge Trimming Centurion Pretoria

Do you have a large hedge that’s getting a little unruly? Or are you just after a light trim on your buxus hedges or topiaries? Tree Felling Centurion experienced ‘hedge hogs’ can trim your hedge; giving you those straight lines (or curvy ones) you have always wanted.

Tree Stump Removal | Boom sloping Removal

Tree Felling Centurion

Tree Felling Centurion

Tree remains got you stumped? Tree Felling Centurion has a range of equipment to rid your property of pesky tree stumps big or small. They have got hand held and ride-on tree stump removal Centurion for the task. They can even help you reinstate your instant lawn Centurion after the stump has been removed. Boom sloping Centurion | Tree stump is notoriously difficult to get rid of, but not for boom sloping Centurion ! They can rid your property of this invasive plant (it’s actually a species of grass!) for good, they’ll clear out all traces to make sure it won’t grow back.

Site Clearing Centurion

If you have got a load of weed trees that ‘just sprang up overnight’ or need a building site cleared, Tree Felling Centurion is at the ready. Their efficient crew and mulching machines can make light work of all those trees. No job too big or small.

Tree Felling Centurion Revive Your Lawn in Spring

Tree Felling Centurion

As spring finally sets in and the grass starts to turn green after a long winter, it’s time to give your lawn your full attention. Instant Lawn Centurion Maintenance will be much more of a bigger task then in any other season. The Lawn in spring is characterized by spongy soil is, tender plants, and unpredictable weather. Some of the ways you can help maintain your lawn this spring are to:

Clean It up
The Combination of Autumn & Winter may cause branch leaves to fall off and create more of a mess than you have ever imagined. These leaves then turn into nests for insects and unwanted insects to grown in them an infect your plants and damage them. It is therefore imperative that you take it upon yourself to softly rake your grass where the soil may seem to have dried up

Have Control over Your Weeds
Be extra prepared for spring. Because we understand that spring is the best time for our plants to flourish, not leaving behind the weeds, we recommend in investing in close to organic herbicides to avoid weeds from growing

Fertilization will do half the job for you. Using the right fertilizer will influence your lawn to actively grow healthier than you can imagine.

Brighton Tree felling is an Instant Lawn Centurion company.

boomsloping centurion

boomsloping centurion

Let’s grow it greener together

Cold Weather Affects Our Plants

It is a great idea to cover your plants and trees in cold weather as cold weather, will cause the water in plant cells to freeze, damaging the cell wall.
Plants damaged by cold weather are easy to spot, their growth becomes stunt and distorted. Evergreen plants will turn brown and the leaves of tender plants
take on a translucent appearance.
Cold damaged plants are often made worse where plants face the morning sun, as this causes them to defrost quickly, damaging their cell walls.

Because we understand that your garden maintenance services need to be in check in order to avoid the damage of plants and trees, we have listed a few things you can
do in order to protect your garden

1) Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers as they encourage plants to make lots of sappy leafy growth
2) make sure that plants with tender flower buds are not planted in facing east.
3) Try to cover your trees especially in winter.

For more tips and tricks regarding keeping your garden in Check, Contact your Garden maintenance services company in Centurion .

Tree removal prices

After tree felling is complete, there is still a left over stump that needs to be removed. Generally the tree felling is deemed the easiest part. The stump removal is another story.

Stump removal costs will vary depending on a variety of things, most notably whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Learning about the costs and prices associated with removing a tree stump, you will avoid surprise

To find out more about our prices, give us a call on 076 665 2579