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Boom sloping Centurion | Tree Removal & Trimming Service in Centurion

boom sloping Centurion

boom sloping Centurion

You have come to the right place if you are looking for boom sloping Centurion, tree removal Centurion or tree felling Centurion services. Hiring a top boom sloping Centurion company is a great way to open up space on your property and it can often completely transform your yard. Tree felling Centurion | boom sloping Centurion in Gauteng are often used to trim branches, remove tree stumps, remove trees, as well as help you choose the right types and plant trees that are suited to Gauteng South Africa.

Use Boom sloping Centurion and tree care guide to choose the best tree care company in Centurion for your needs. You’ll find frequently asked questions and helpful tips to help you get the lowest prices on tree service in Gauteng

Boom sloping Centurion offers reasonable priced, expert quality tree felling Centurion and tree stump removal services Gauteng residents. The company was founded in 2002 with the concept of providing an affordable high quality alternative to other area tree felling service companies.
We have quickly expanded into one of the top companies in the tri-county area. Our climbers are the best, our palm tree shapers are true artists and our arborist in not only highly trained but has years of experience under his belt. We have over 10 years accumulated experience on this team which offers: boom sloping Centurion, tree stump removal Centurion, tree felling Centurion, palm shaping, stump grinding, demossing, bush and hedge trimming and thinning of trees for site preparation.

•Tree felling in Pretoria

  • Boom sloping Centurion

• Stump removal in Pretoria
• Palm removal
• Trimming and Pruning
• Rubble removal


Boom sloping Centurion offers customers a complete range of services to protect your property, make it more beautiful or to help prepare your property for building or other development. We use the latest equipment that is fully maintained by our chief engineer to ensure your work is accomplished quickly, safely and expertly.


Tree Removal:

This consists of the removal of unwanted, dying, or dead trees. If we can help you save the tree, our arborist expertise is utilized. Once removed, we can chip up the tree, grind the stump and even fill in the area of the stump grinding for a additional charge. We can leave the chips and wood if requested.
Storm Damage Prevention:
Branches hanging over the house or pool cage, deadwood, or diseased trees can lead to severe damage and costly repairs during hurricane and tropical storm season. “A tree fell on my house or car” is commonly heard by our staff during this season. Having a free storm evaluation to get these things handled is highly suggested.



Thinning trees in dense areas so the wind can blow through them easily, helps your trees survive. It also makes property more attractive for resale.


Trimming and Shaping:

Trimming and shaping a tree will give it that aesthetic look that you have been looking for, while protecting your tree from storms and harsh winds. While raising your tree will provide vertical clearance for vehicles and lawn mowing.



Removing dead sections from trees expertly, ensures that the healthy areas survive and it can protect your property from the damage of falling debris.


Palm Trees:

Trimming a palm is an art and we are proud to say we have the best around. We clean out seed pods and excessive debris in the palm and make your specialty palms the envy of the neighborhood.


Hedges and Bushes:
We can trim and shape your hedges and bushes to give you a privacy fence or an aesthetic front yard.


Tree Stump Removal Centurion:
We work with a professional stump grinder to have unsafe, unsightly stumps removed from your property quickly and promptly.


24/7 Services:

Emergencies do happen in Centurion because of storms and lightning. A live person will answer the phone and help you in any way they can.